Real Madrid clinched the UEFA Champions League, securing their 15th trophy in the tournament, after defeating Dortmund 2-0 with goals from Dani Carvajal and Vinícius Júnior in the second half.

The final kicked off with the intensity and concentration typical of the most significant club-level encounter. Both teams sought to minimize defensive risks while aiming to pose threats in attack without neglecting their defensive lines.

It was Dortmund who initially unleashed their attacking prowess, creating a double opportunity after the 20-minute mark.

Adeyemi managed to bypass Courtois, but his final shot was blocked by Carvajal.

Shortly after, Füllkrug executed a precise run to strike the post, just as the yellow-clad fans erupted in anticipation of a goal.

Around the 30 minute mark, Courtois made a crucial save to maintain the tie after a swift counterattack from BVB.

The German team maintained their ambition until halftime, pressing intensely against a Madrid side that struggled to find answers and welcomed the arrival of the break.

The course of the game didn’t change much at the start of the second half.

Dortmund continued to display bravery and ambition, although Madrid managed to unsettle their opponent shortly after the game resumed with a fine free-kick from Kroos and a precise header from Carvajal after the ensuing corner.

The German side didn’t falter, and with a header from Füllkrug, they forced Courtois to intervene once more. However, Madrid was no longer as toothless as they were in the first half.

Vinícius and Rodrygo began to venture closer to the opposition’s area, and the team adjusted their defense to limit the German attacks.

That slight improvement was enough for Madrid to seize the advantage in the final.

Carvajal emerged at the near post from a corner kick and headed the ball into the net in the 74th minute.

It was one of the Spanish full-back’s favorite moves, executed with precision at the opportune moment.

With Borussia rattled, Madrid showed no mercy.

A German defensive error allowed Bellingham to assist Vinícius, who scored the second goal just over five minutes before the final whistle.

With Dortmund in trouble, they attempted to take risks by introducing more attacking players.

Ancelotti responded by making changes to rejuvenate the team.

As time dwindled down, Madrid’s 15th European Cup became a reality, unleashing the euphoria of a legendary team, winners of the last nine finals they have contested in Europe’s premier club competition.


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